We've all been there. The blank page, the empty canvas, the colored macaroni noodles just waiting there to be pasted onto your picture frame. Then zero action. In a very Seinfeld kind of way, this article will be about absolutely nothing (think: puffy shirts, close talkers and man hands). 

How to Tap Into Creative Inspiration:

Seriously though, paying attention to all the seemingly meaningless details of daily life can allow us to deepen into our being and create some meaning right where we are without all the grasping and striving.

And so, I started to type without much self-censoring, and I noticed that tuning into my truth at the present moment freed up some energy.  Background noises: dog barking at the mailman, nephew watching Netflix on the couch. Other senses: a blah cup of coffee, the soft white light of the sun behind a cloud, the cold force of the AC blowing on my ankles. And words: coming readily to my laptop screen!  All of it, a gift. And some of it: inspiration.

This blog post is about nothing, but it's about everything, too. Such is life. I invite you to see if you can tap into what is present for you at this very moment and let it serve you in whatever way you need. Try creating some art, writing some poetry (haikus are GREAT for this), or simply allowing yourself to breathe and just be.

Thank you for reading,


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