New Year, New You has looked like embracing the yoga mat, spin class, or your partner's request to try something new (painting classes, poker night, fabric softener), but either your resolution isn't sticking, or your resolution just isn't what you need right nowIt's not filling you up. It's certainly not lighting you up. In fact, it might be what's bringing you down. 

If you struggle with New Year's resolutions, you're in the majority AND there's nothing wrong with you. 


All you know is that you can't do it any longer. You want to stop struggling. You want to feel more like YOU, but you don't know where to start. What if you didn't have to go it alone?

>> Ask yourself: what would it be like to be deeply supported by a caring therapist or coach, to be guided towards balance, purpose, fulfillment, and joy in 2018 and beyond?

Finding the right professional to guide you in a healing and self-actualizing process might just be the key to having an authentically happy, healthy new year. Did you know that a successful outcome of working with healing professionals is largely based on the relationship itself? Not the credentials, not the fancy certificate, not the number of articles said professional has written (though these are important, too). Check out this Psychology Today article on the importance of the therapeutic relationship.

When it comes to successful therapy, another key ingredient is your own belief that you can heal, grow, and transform. It’s all well and good that your counselor wants you to succeed, but the most powerful and lasting transformations take place when the YOU are fully in it— even when the going gets rough. A skillful professional will likely notice when you're not fully in, and she or he will help steer you back on track, so don't worry. You're not alone in it (that's why it works!).

An Empowerment Model for Positive Growth & Change

I believe we work best towards our goals and desires by first looking at what's right with us, not what's wrong. I also believe that getting another person's perspective and establishing a healthy attachment with someone who truly cares can create dramatic shifts for you to reach your fullest potential...  

If this blog post could read like a want ad, it would go something like this:

You: committed, invested, open to healing; must be willing to release old, unconscious patterns that keep getting in your way. Required: an ability to trust the process even when it’s super hard, and the capacity to receive miracles and make powerful, healthy changes in your thoughts, words & behaviors.

Me: a holder of space with unyielding presence, warmth, and open acceptance of all that you are and all that you want to be; your guide—not your fixer. Committed to holding you to your work with integrity and respect. Also: very human.


If you are seeking more for your life in the new year and you’re committed to making it happen, then take your first steps: reach out to a local therapist, coach, or mentor,  or set up a phone consultation with me today!

So, ditch the resolution. Focus on finding balance, purpose, fulfillment and joy all year long... and if you don't know where to start, ask a trusted friend or family member. You can move closer to your truest self by starting with something do-able today.


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