You may have arrived at this page in search of an answer, a sign, a confirmation, or that ‘gut feeling’ that therapy or coaching is the next step for you. That’s a brave place to be… and if you’re anything like my clients, you probably paused at that last part a bit. "Courage is for marriage, childbirth, divorce, nailing that interview, taking a stand against your boss, not THIS" you say.

But enrolling in therapy, coaching, or some other transformational process is a big deal. So, honor it!

If you're wondering if I’m the right therapist for you, I've provided you with a snapshot-profile of my "most successful clients". 

So, who are my most successful clients?

I work with adults of every age, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual identity, physical ability, and religion who are:

  • Struggling with overcommitting, overachieving, striving, living in perfectionism and self-criticism, settling for less, asking for permission, or nearing/experiencing burn-out at work and in their relationships
  • Longing to move into the next and best iteration of themselves— they dare to dream big
  • Committed to making IT happen— if trust is hard for them, they’ve promised themselves to take baby steps
  • Willing to let go of old beliefs that keep them small and unhappy— often by taking a look at the unhealthy ways they’ve been coping for so long, and finally ending harmful thought patterns and behaviors (with appropriate supports in place)
  • Aware that past traumatic or hurtful experiences are interfering with their present-day lives—they are ready to heal those wounds and get relief from constantly feeling "triggered"
  • Unattached to identifying as the victim in the situation—they seek empowerment, mastery and freedom from limiting beliefs and self-sabotage
  • Connected (or reconnecting) to their passions and interests: music, cooking, dance, photography, movies, literature, art, creativity, yoga, dining out, decorating, adventure, writing, gardening, woodworking, quiet evenings at home, hikes, laughing with their children, novels, bike rides, biographies, new workout challenges, TED talks, playing with oracle cards, planning trips, etc.
  • Real, honest, inspiring, wise, and funny—in addition to the hard work and, they often bring laughter and joy into the coaching or therapy session. 

If this sounds like you, we might work well together. I am a trauma-informed, attachment-based psychotherapist, art therapist & coach who uses a variety of approaches to support clients in their unique transformational journeys.

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