It's rough just opening your inbox these days. You can't stomach one more engagement notice, baby announcement, or invitation for the latest start-up launch party in town. 

It seems like everyone but you has this magical ability to go out and make life happen for themselves...

In reality, there are a lot of folks out there masking a deep disappointment with the direction of their lives, who feel safer not rocking the boat. They trudge along, doing what they’ve always done. Of course, that looks effortless too from the outside.


Then there's you.

You want more out of life, and you're ready to do whatever it takes


So, what does it take to live a life on purpose?

Living the life you want to be living requires that you stop wishing for everything to be easy all the time. We all know we can't keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting new results.

For some, it's often difficult to know where to start. Past experiences may have left scars. Low confidence or past traumas may play a role. 

It's about putting yourself first.

If you're feeling stuck there, you may benefit from therapy to get you started on your personal transformation, releasing blocks and limiting beliefs, and finding your way back to your true, authentic self. 


Try therapy if you want to:

  • Emerge into a new understanding of your wounded parts with a sense of empowerment

  • Align with your values and what you’re no longer willing to give away in order to meet other people’s needs

  • Commit to moving through the painful stuff at a safe pace

  • Activate your Free Will to make healthier, more fulfilling choices

  • Live purposefully and whole-heartedly, however that looks specifically for YOU

The life you've always wanted is waiting for you.

I've worked with some amazing people who simply needed a course correction in their lives… with passionate, nurturing caregiver types who just needed a reminder that the most important relationship is the one with themselves… with dedicated combat veterans who’ve grappled with grief and identity... with thirty-somethings who were bound for greatness, but didn't know how to get started or how to trust themselves in the process...

As a trauma-informed, strengths-based therapist, I am:

  • a stand for deep healing and transformation that aligns with your work, family, relationship and wellness needs; I am not for complete upheaval and disruption
  • a guide for you as you free yourself from your old ways of being and feeling that have held you captive and purposeless for way too long
  • a facilitator of everyday alchemy— where magic, transformation, and abundance abound

Working with me entails a mix of evidence-based approaches (including EMDR and Energy Psychology), visual journaling/art-making, writing, guided imagery and more. I'll collaborate with you to establish a comprehensive approach that will truly feed your soul. We’ll also focus on relaxation and mindfulness as you learn to trust your body to bring you to a calm state no matter what you’re facing.

You will always hold the key.



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