This is your place for growth and transformation if you:

  • want to improve your workplace dynamics, make a lateral or vertical move, or strike out on your own

  • have done therapy or coaching in the past and are ready to take your growth and empowerment to the next level, transforming all areas of your life, not just in the career sector

  • are committed to doing “the work” (looking deeply inward, trying on new perspectives, taking leaps, discarding old habits that aren’t helping, and getting really honest with yourself)

You’ve put this on hold long enough.

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So, is it therapy or coaching?

Good question: when stepping in to do this work with me, you’ll be partaking in solution-focused counseling, which naturally draws on coaching strategies. As a licensed therapist, I am especially equipped to help you heal from your past, navigate your present, and plan for your future in ways in which many well-meaning coaches or mentors often fall short.

I am well-versed in helping clients recognize and liberate themselves from the negative impacts of difficult experiences and challenging circumstances, transforming painful pasts into opportunities for growth and sources of strength. And that is the kind of work that will allow you to get clear on what has held you back in the past and how to create a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle moving forward.

How and when do we meet?

To get started, we’ll meet weekly for four weeks (one month). In this initial phase of counseling, we’ll devise a plan specifically tailored to your needs.

The first session will take place in my office, in downtown Bethesda. From there, if you reside in the state of Maryland, you have the option of scheduling virtual sessions with me, via, a secure video conferencing platform which will allow for more freedom and less commute!

You may schedule with me via email, call, or text.

What is the investment?

Sessions are $200 for a full hour (or $275 for 90 minutes) and you will receive homework and journal prompts to deepen your work between sessions; a credit/debit/FSA/HFA cards is required to schedule your initial intake and can be stored and charged automatically on my secure processing platform.